Online school-Inline home ; Learning with a difference

This phase of lockdown can be translated or synonymised as slowdown, hogdown, bellydown or routinedown. But apart from these ‘downs’ there are also highs and upgrades. Cooking high, sleep high, cleanliness high and...

Why I chose online classes over home schooling

Last week I sat in my garden with my not-so-toddler 6 year old son. As I started narrating him a story ,he interrupted my narration by saying “Oh papa is this story also about Diyan ?” Well, yes it had to be. I have been home schooling my son for...

New normal – Schooling again and how

Preparedness is not the only reason for the government to impose the lockdown. It was also acclimatising to the new life. As we will soon be stepping out and might even resume our routine chores, let us take a minute to absorb that this is the new...

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