COVID-19 and the lessons it taught us

We have all led this life with the thought that we own the resources gifted to us by nature. We have also, at times ignored replenishing these resources, taking care of them and utilising them wisely. What stands now as the biggest truth comes as no...

Best Boarding Schools in India

If admissions regarding boarding schools in India is your topic of debate at home, work or with friends we are sure this read will help you gain a better insight. Admissions to boarding schools can be a challenging task and to gain more and more...

How to utilise time with children amidst COVID-19 shutdown ?

COVID-19 the pandemic has hit us and hit us all very hard. Be it the social scenario events and celebration, exams or even work for that matter, no aspect of life seems untouched by the menace. With schools shut, children are spending more and more...

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