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Advantages of studying in a boarding school

Indian Cinema and media has portrayed the boarding schools as a punishment for a child and in our society, parents threat their children that if they misbehave they will be sent to a boarding school. If we actually look at the advantages of studying in a boarding school, we may be so delighted that our perspective would differ.

1.Self discipline

Children at boarding schools learn how to perform various domestic chores and become experts in managing time, money and other resources earlier than day scholars.

2. Focussed

Children can adequately focus on sports, hobbies, leisure and studies. Given to schedules and reduced interruptions as faced by day scholars of going to different activity classes or tuitions etc. the routine at a boarding allows dedicated focus on a particular activity at a given time.

3. Learn respect for all cultures

Students interact with other students coming from different cultures, speaking different languages, which make them aware about the diversity and respect it. co-existing in this kind of a diverse environment makes their mind culturally advanced and informed.

4. Fitness and health

Students are more exposed to a wider range of physical activities to broaden their learning and development. They participate in sports activities, tournaments that help them in their physical development and fitness. Managing eating patterns, sleeping hours and even handling minor injuries and health issues becomes easy for them.

5.Life skills

Students learn how to deal with situations and people independently. While most day scholars would come home searching for solutions to conflicts, the students at boarding schools learn problem solving by resolving these kind of issues on their own.

All in all, boarding schools make children life ready in the early stages through experiences that enrich their thinking and emotions.

Written by

Geeta Chopra

M.A. Psychology, PG Diploma in guidance and counselling- Jamia Milia Islamia

Counseling Psychologist, Trainer, Confidence Coach at Saarthi Counselling and Educational Institute


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