A Sporting Career

Gone are the days when a career in sports was limited. There was a time when it was considered as a hobby, but now, it is gaining importance as a desired career option.

For young enthusiasts, it can be a very rewarding career if they are passionate about sports. Many young athletes playing football, basketball, tennis, badminton and other sports dream of having a professional career in the same field someday but very few achieve it. Does that mean thinking of career in sports is an attempt in vain? No, Not at all !

The sports genre is vast and opportunities are unlimited as lots of professional, international leagues have gained momentum in the recent years. This sudden rise for sports professionals has led to an increased demand of young professionals walking into the dimension of Sports.

On field careers in Sports

Professional Players
Playing for the country
Playing for clubs/academies
Professional leagues players
like IPL, Pro Kabbadi, I-league, ISL etc.

In India, to produce quality players several established and recognized government as well as private organizations are set up. These organisations provide scholarships and help young talent to be indentified. In various sectors like football, kabaddi, cricket, tennis, wrestling, boxing shooting etc, many academies all over the country organise various tournaments at domestic levels which provide players to qualify for further levels.

Fitness Coach/Instructor/trainer
Strength & Conditioning Coach
Professional Sports Coach

In shaping up young player, the role of a coach is indispensable. To pursue a career in sports coaching, one should be a former player having pursued the sport academically. There are various institutes, which provide a diploma in sports coaching after which one may have to volunteer services at an institution for experience. A very successful and goal oriented sports coach can land-up working with national & international clubs, schools. Fitness trainer is another blooming aspect to look up for, which is in demand these days. One can pursue certification courses in Yoga, Pilates, Personal training etc and can be a personal trainer or can start up their own fitness studioG

School/Colleges/ Match Referees/Umpire
State/National Match Referees/Umpire
International Match Referees/Umpire

Referees/ Umpires and other officials designated to sporting events to main standards of play are very crucial for any game to execute. To become a referee/umpire one must register and qualify exams on rules of the particular game with state or local association. Most referees begin to officiate at school sports and after few years they may advance it to further levels and can also have opportunity to work with educational institutions, professional sports clubs, local authority leisure centres, armed forces or national governing body.

Off field careers in Sports

Sports journalism
Sports Announcer/Commentator
Sports Radio/television Show Host
Sports Writer/Reporter
Television Sports Producer

Sports Journalism is another good alternative for those who want to work behind-the-screen in the sports industry. Sport journalism includes diverse careers in print, online media, and broadcast journalism. To pursue career in sports journalist one can do bachelor’s in journalism and further do dedicated sports related internships to have some experience of that field.S

Sports Medicine
Sports Physician
Exercise Physiologist
Sports Nutritionist/Dietician
Athletic Trainer

Sports medicine itself is a broad umbrella and has multiple career paths. Individuals interested in this can explore career as a sports physician, physiotherapist, exercise physiologist, athletic trainer, sports nutritionist/dietician. This field of sports medicine is flourishing as these professionals can treat both athletes and non-athletes, which widens the horizon of people they assist.

Sports Management
Team Manager
Sports Agent
Event Coordinators
Sports Marketing
PR Professionals
Facility Manager

Sports management is a great opportunity for many professionals who wish to have very successful careers in the sports industry without actually getting engaged in any physical form of sports. People interested in sports management are interested in both business and sports. The demand in this professional has gone very high, as trend of league competitions have certainly raised. So, sports management professional can work as a team manager, recruiters, event coordinators, PR professionals Facility manager, and more.

Education Industry
Physical Education Teacher in School
College/University (Professors, HODs)

For those who are interested in becoming a teacher and also interested in sports can be  educator’s (Physical Education) in school, college or university depending upon their interest in dealing what age group of students. A physical education teacher inculcates knowledge about sports, physical development, health, nutrition etc. This field usually requires Bachelor’s degree in Physical Education for school teacher plus further degrees to be a professor in college/University.

Further, if someone has good knowledge and interest in maths and statistics can be a sports statistician. If a person is good in psychology and is passionate about sports then he/she can be a sports psychologist or someone wants to be researcher can be a research analyst.

The scope and opportunities are unlimited and demand is expected to reach its peak. The only key point here is to have a vision and be dedicated and focussed on the game

Written by

Dr. Sayema Ahmed

B.A (Miranda House-DU), B.P.Ed ( Indira Gandhi Institute,DU), M.P.Ed (Amity University) Ph.D

Asst. Professor, Zakir Hussain College-D.U, Former Asst. Professor Miranda House

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Babita Bhandari
Babita Bhandari

Very useful.. Helpful in career development



Sandhya Banik
Sandhya Banik

what an article…in today’s world we need people like Sayema for letting know the importance, who’s interested to take sports as a creer, to motivate sports fraternity.

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