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While studying abroad might just be one decision making journey, once crossed the choice of course can be yet another task at hand.

With RTI and general legal awareness raging in the current scenario a growing number of students are opting for law as degree. The schools in the last decade offer ‘legal studies’ as a subject at the class 11th level. As a career counselling expert I come across several queries about studying Law from abroad and my first recommendation to all of them is always UK as Indian Bar Council accepts degrees from over 35 colleges in UK.

Common question-Is UK law Degree accepted in India??

Benefits of studying Law in the UK
A law degree from UK works as an International work passport/permit and it allows you to not only practice in India but in UK also
You will get an edge over others peers as companies dealing with international clients will be happy to accept you because of your international exposure
Practical skill-based approach is followed in UK
You will be having unlimited choices of courses and combination subjects in UK

The following universities law degree from United Kingdom is recognized and valid in India and Bar Council of India.

1. Buckingham University
2. City University of London
3. Council for National Academic Awards
4. Hull University
5. Inns of Courts School of Law
6. Leeds University
7. Leicester University
8. London University
9. Oxford University
10. Cambridge University
11. Thames Valley University
12. Cardiff University
13. University Of Brimingham
14. University Of Lancaster
15. University Of Heartfordshire
16. University Of Durham
17. University Of Liverpool
18. University Of Warwick
19. University Of Bristol
20. East Anglia University
21. Nottingham University
22. University Of Manchester
23. Bangor University
24. Kingston University, London
25. University of Wolverhampton School Of Legal Studies
26. School Of Law, University Of Sheffield, U.K
27. Kent Law School, University Of Kent, Canterbury
28. School Of Law, University Of East London
29. School Of Law, University Of Southampton
30. University Of Westminister
31. Burnel Law School, Brunel University, West London
32. School Of Law, Birmingham City University

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Ms Yashi Shukla

Co-founder of FYCGLobal Career Guidance Company.She is a certified career counselor from University of California, Los Angeles.


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