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School Board Results

Importance and How to read them correctly for evaluating school options.

CBSE’s dictat on Board Examinations for class X, after a hiatus of almost a decade two years ago, woke up the entire parent- fraternity. They now had to choose a school most appropriate for their children, based on Board results!

Schools numerous and the results outstanding, all make it even more difficult for any parent to choose from the options available and within their reach. The newspapers, hoardings and digital publicity campaigns across many social platforms offer them an insight to the performance of many schools. These advertisements are the first window to the gushing world of publicising the Board Results. But how would you analyse these results to choose the right school. Lets have a step-by step look:

The Pass- Percentage 

The pass percentage of the Board Examination results tells you the percentage of students who passed the examinations. There are schools which have 100 % of the students passing.

100% pass percentage means that each child’s learning gaps are assessed and on this basis, remedial teaching is provided to the children, focussing on individual needs and learning gaps.

This also means that the teachers are adopting differential teaching methodologies to cater to children of different learning styles in a class.

In toto this means that if your child studies in this given school, and if and when he would have any learning gaps, they would be addressed on individual basis.N

Number of Distinctions per subject

This is an indicator of how far the school goes to ensure mastery over a given subject in a given class. This is a quality indicator on how well the teachers are trained to adopt strategies to enhance the students’ interest in a subject and in understanding individual learning differences. It also indicates the effectiveness of capacity building programmes conducted for teachers. For it is because of these Continuous Development Programmes for teachers that helps them hone the required skills.

The School Average Score

This score is the average of the aggregate marks of each child. There could be a higher number of distinctions per subject. However, a high school average would mean that each child has scored good marks. The higher the school- average, the better each child has scored. This in turn reflects on the school’s efforts towards every single child’s performance.

The percentile scores

This score helps you assess how many children fall into specific percentage bars. For instance there are schools where the last percentile rank is 60% i.e. the last child who has passed the board exams has scored 60% marks in that school. This again is an indicator of the teacher’s professional acumen and the school’s efforts to address each child’s individual learning needs.

The board results are a reflection of the school’s over all culture in terms of commitment to students’ performance & the support rendered to them and the commitment towards faculty development. Our children today are already super aware of what is happening around them. They need training to use the data they have access to, judiciously, in a manner that it does not distract them. In such cases, it has been found that the teachers who have undergone Continuous Professional Development programmes are better equipped to handle such situations. If and when you are in a situation to choose from amongst a given set of schools, choose the ones where the administration invests heavily on the teacher’s capacity building and training.

Written by

Sanjum Sethi

CECE, E.T.E, M.A, M.Ed

Head, Lower Primary

Venkateshwar International School

Sector-10, Dwarka. New Delhi.


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Dr. Jasvinder Kaur
Dr. Jasvinder Kaur

Truely said ma’am, One should choose a school where the administration invests heavily on teacher’s capacity building and training…..?


Very insightful article for parents fraternity….

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