holding hands with teacher

The good teacher

Are you ready to hold hands!?!

If you are!?! Well that’s all it takes to be a Good Teacher!

When you hold hands, there is a significant amount of energies coming in together – Compassion, a Considerate Captain, Counterpart – Counting in Trust.


When the tender-hearted are your seeds to be sown for the season, a compassionate teacher would have perfect amount of seasoning to understand the need of budding children, any inhibitions and inertia going through them. A compassionate handshake will absorb it all.

Considerate Captain

When the gentle and soft-hearted but inquisitive and intelligent minds need direction, a considerate Captain would lead its army with right force and rigor in action. Every child is Special and each one of them have high level of energy which needs to be channelized with good amount of gaiety coupled with certain level of discipline & only a Considerate Captain can navigate with sheer perfection.

Counterpart – Counting in Trust

Embarkment it is! – Most of the learning is going to be first of its kind, featuring new dimension, sensitization, indeed neurons are building their blocks. A foundation is being laid with smooth pitch fencing strong pillars around. A Counterpart, counting in trust with the Child who can hold onto, is the Key. A teacher who can hold onto the right and wrong, if and but shades of learning are the ones who know a Win-Win to Counter counting with ease.

Author James Baldwin once said and I do believe, “Children have never been very good at listening to their elders. But they have never failed to imitate them”.

Good Teachers are the reasons that ordinary students dream extraordinary. They are the ones who will tap the potential at the right node and help them swing to the fullest. Good Teachers have goodness in abundance– be it contagious smile, shinning eyes, charming aura or open arms. Their warmth and welcome have no winding.

Future of any Country is determined by the quality of teachers it has in Present.

Do give it a thought – One Book, One Pen, One Child and One Teacher can change the world! – Happy Parenting!

shikha kuchhal
shikha kuchhal

Shikha Kuchhal (Mother of two spirited daughters)


Former Centre Director of India’s largest chain of Pre Schools and Day care

More than 12 years of Corporate experience in Training, Operations and HR


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Swagat sharma
Swagat sharma

Superb shikha


well-penned Shikha. Keep writing:)


That’s encouraging to read , ty 🙂

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