Things to keep in mind before taking admission in grade 1

Parenting is by far one of the most difficult, challenging and exhausting occupations of all time.

Perhaps there is a lot thought that goes to every step or new development that takes place for a parent, from what the mother should eat, to what she should discuss, to what she should consider, etc.

Consequently it comes as no surprise, that when the child is ready to take his/her first big steps in the world; parents can find themselves in a severe conundrum. One such big decision being, which school to enter the child after kindergarten.

Kindergarten, as essential a stepping stone to the future in the child’s educational life as it may be, is a comparatively easier decision with most parents.

Primary school onwards things get a lot more serious, if not outright critical; at least in most cases.

Let me share with you a few simple, basic yet crucial points to think about while choosing a school for your little one; so as to make the transition from toddler hood to early childhood that much easier.


One of the most important factors to consider before making this decision is, to thoroughly enquire about the reputation of the school.

The reputation of the school depends on its academic track record (what are the average academic achievements of the students of the school), it will also include the prowess of the teaching staff, the infrastructure of the school, sports activities and trainers, etc.


Think about how far the school is from your residence. Ideally, the closer the school, the better. Given that the school is reputed and academically proficient, the school should be ideally 15 mins to 30 mins or less from your residence.

This is helpful in two ways; One, it reduces the travel time of your child, who will be experiencing a lot of changes both socially and cognitively with entering primary school and long travels could add to the exhaustion and fatigue of the child.

Two: As a parent it is always better for you to be at a distance that you can reach easily, in case of any emergency, either medical or emotional for the child.


It is debatably one of the most important factors to consider when admitting your ward to a school.

Clean washrooms, attention to hygiene, clean drinking water, cleanliness of the support staff like wardens, matrons, etc.

Extra Curricular activities:

“All work and no play, makes for a dull child”. As important as academics are for a child’s future, underestimating the role of extra curricular activities like sports, fine arts and life skills training might be a folly.

All round growth of a child is the building block of your ward’s future prospect in every endeavour that he/she may undertake.

Ask the management and administrators of the school of what activities they can offer to a child.

Example: the presence of a swimming pool with a trained swimming teacher, courts for racquet sport, cricket coaching, basketball court, etc.

At the same time, the presence of fine arts staff, which may include sketching and painting, music(instrument and vocal), dancing(Indian classical or modern), etc.

School presence:

Ensure that the school participates in inter-school, national and international scale competitions and activities. While this might not seem very significant at this stage, but the child needs exposure and a sense of motivation to strive forward to achieve any goal. Each of these activities with their relevance beyond the boundary of the school will serve that motivation and inspiration to the child.

While making this decision can completely tire the parents, it is important to spend quality time with your child after every school and seek for the child’s opinion as well.





Shweta Kulkarni

in Clinical Psychology, B.Ed.

than 10 years experience in Counselling, conducting motivational workshops and


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