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‘The pen is mightier than the sword…’

Edward Bulwer-Lytton 1839

While writing has always been my passion, sharing stories and emotions on a paper, preserved for years, transferred to cultures and adapted in several languages is a unique way for bringing the world together.

Spectrum is aimed at bringing the maestros of the world to give keen inputs that can help, both parents and children in making bigger decisions for life. Just like the horizon of colours viewed as a spectrum, we will endeavour to keep our bandwidth of interests as wide as possible. Introspecting the feedback that we receive from our readers the future editions will reflect the readers’ choice.

This week we have an edition on career prospects on sports, giving an overview of what it takes to transform your passion of sports into a career. We have also featured educationists giving their views of the new trends in education, importance of reading for toddlers and benefiting tips on learning different languages at the primary education stage. Taking it to global concerns, we have a deep insightful article by a researcher on how the issue of climate change be resolved through education as a powerful tool. Lastly, we have a touching note from a mother illustrating her choice of a boarding school over a normal day school and journey so far.

To sum it up, I encourage all contributors to share with us their journeys that can serve as motivation to millions of readers across continents and oceans. The gift of experience is destined but the power to share lies with us.

Khushboo Mohammed

Educationist, Content Writer, Trainer


Spectrum – an initiative by Edustoke

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