Transformation of Education

Technology is fast getting integrated into every aspect of our lives and education is also undergoing a transformation. It is challenging the status quo of the traditional model through experimentation.

With this transformation, we can see a change in the meaning of education; how it was earlier perceived, and how parents want it to be delivered now. This means that every aspect of education; the subject matter, the pedagogy, teachers, students all face a dilemma.

Education has been more or less constant for many years because change is considered risky and more prone to failure. But now that we are standing at the cusp of digital transformation and technology; education too, is evolving to cater to the changing needs. It is this void that new age educationists aim to fill through Curriculum based on life-skills.

However, this places high expectations on teachers and subject matter experts to be able to quickly pivot their mode of pedagogy and adopt a new one. At this stage, it is important to understand that every teacher will have to go through an unlearning curve to be able to transform oneself.

With CBSE also joining the bandwagon of change and introducing new age curriculum for the next generation students, teachers are monumental in being the medium through which this change successfully gets executed.

The role of the classroom teacher is extremely important in driving this massive change in the educational model. And thus it is important for every teacher out there to stay motivated and understand the new model and then put it into practice through everyday lesson plans.

Geeta Verma

B.A Hons English (Lady Shri Ram-DU), M.A.English (IGNOU), B.Ed. (CIE-DU), Diploma in Education Administration (Symbiosis Pune) CSET in Teaching Excellence (Stanford University)

Head of School- Pragyanam School Gurgaon, Former Head of International Curriculum (IBO and Cambridge)-Heritage

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