10 Best After School Activities For Kids

10 Best After School Activities For Kids

When it comes to activities for kids, opting for them can help children not only gain a skill for life but most of the time teaches instills the will to learn new things in them.

The hours after school have an equal impact on developing a child’s overall personality as the school hours have. When it comes to activities for kids, opting for them can help children not only gain a skill for life but most of the time teaches instills the will to learn new things in them. Furthermore, the students studying in a day school have a good amount of time which they can utilize by engaging in better things. Making the best use of after school time doesn’t mean just trying hands-on academic activities but other fields too. 

The list of after-school activities for kids

A few activities for kids at home that children can engage in to make the best use of their time are:

1. Sports

There are various sports that students can practice after school. Playing sports not only helps in their physical development but also boosts their sportsman spirit. They can opt for football, basketball, baseball, cricket, or even indoor games like chess, billiards, etc. Some schools offer the facility to play sports inside the campus whereas some don’t. In recent times, various sports clubs have arisen where students can join and play a multitude of sports. 

2. Habit of Reading

Reading helps people gain new perspectives, develop their thought processes, and have a different outlook on things. And therefore developing the habit of reading in children from a young age is highly essential. One of the best educational activities for kids is reading after school. This can include reading any books, magazines, and blogs about the topic they are interested in. 

3. Dance

There are various dance forms like contemporary, freestyle, ballet, hip hop, folk, and more to choose from. Dance teaches students discipline and patience which helps students not just in the education sphere but accompanies them lifelong. Besides, learning various dance forms helps them know about various cultures and appreciate, and accept them. 

4. Swimming

In a time when students are more attracted to digital gadgets and games, opting for swimming is a great physical activity. Swimming helps students in strengthening their respiratory system and cardiac health. It also helps in improving the stamina of children. So, choosing swimming after school hours can be a great option for kids. 

5. Music

Learning music requires two major life skills – patience and consistency. Learning music after school can be great for kids for the creative aspect as well as to develop their interpretation skills. Both instruments and singing lessons can be good home activities for kids for your young one. 

6. Joining Clubs

Various student clubs have come into existence in recent years. These are on various topics and niches and can be opted on the ones that students have an interest in. These can be poetry clubs, literary clubs, theater clubs, creative clubs, science clubs, and more. These clubs can be inside or outside of school and can play a significant role in developing the confidence, speaking skills, and socializing skills of children. 

10 Best After School Activities For Kids
10 Best After School Activities For Kids

7. Drawing and Painting

Engaging in creative activities like drawing and painting can be a good choice in fun activities for kids. Practicing drawing and painting after school is good for fine motor skills, helps in concentration, improves eye-hand coordination, reduces stress, and encourages visual coordination. There are various types of art forms they can choose, like glass painting, sketching, watercolor painting, etc. Besides these, they can opt for craft courses as well as indoor activities for kids. 

8. Academic activities for Kids

There are various other activities associated with academics that involve an innovative way of learning. Vedic math, abacus, creative writing, craft activities for kids etc. can be other great after school activities for 5 year olds and older kids. 

Here are a few best schools in Bangalore that promote such after school activities other than academics:

  • Nitte International
  • Orchid International
  • Euro School
  • Sea International School
  • Ryan International School
  • SKEI – Sri Kamlabai Educational Institution 

Some of the best IB schools in Bangalore offering co-school activities are:

  • Treamis World School
  • Ebenezer International School 
  • Redbridge International School
  • Nalapad Academy 

9. Starting computers and programming

Programming is one of the demanding 21st-century skills and can be opted as online activities for kids. Besides learning programming languages, other computer skills like PowerPoint can also be productive after school activities for teens. 

10. Learning a new language

Learning a new language is always an interesting and amusing job. When children learn a new language, they build the willingness to learn something new and their brain gets into the zone of that. It also boosts their multitasking skills and improves their remembering skills. It can be selected in activities for kids online.

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