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Is Preschool education mandatory ?



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This is a very debatable topic and each one has its own view points. For some it is essential for child but for others it is not required at all. Let me state my view points, to start with lets understand why early education? What difference it brings in child with or without it?


Early education programmes do not just focus on the child’s learning environment, but also emphasizes your child’s literacy, social, emotional, and physical development by laying the foundation.

Early childhood education also supports the upbringing of actual morals and encourages values and life skills among children.It guides children to think with the goal of creating opportunities for them to excel in a safe, secured, clean and nurturing environment.

Public policy for ECE refers to a policy made based on issues addressing concerns of early childhood.  What could be the issue then ?

Research has been done regarding the mandate of it, but nothing really has been done. I want to get to the bottom of this; looking at both the bad and the good. For the future generation to come, it is critical that we allow all children the opportunity to succeed with the mandate of early education.

What’s the Issue?

The issue essentially is the absence of the mandate for quality early education, addressing the greater benefits that come along with it. It is just not possible for a group to take on the load; it involves all stakeholders such as parents, educators, governments and the society

This is because Early education being the base and paves the way for further higher education These young children grow up to become actually members of society, Wherein their quality of education and all round development is extremely essential.

Positive Research

Early education holds the power to influence a child’s mindset for the future. Many preschool activities focus on teamwork for a certain reason; a person who learns how to work around others at an early age will be more socially cooperative and more employable later on.

Teaching the value of respect isn’t just limited to people and belongings, but can also mean respect globally. Instilling the importance of teamwork can teach young children skills to benefit their future. There is no better place to learn this virtue than in a preschool environment, where everything is shared and manners are taught and learned.T

If the early years education is not professionally handled it may have drawbacks.

Early education can affect children’s performance both positively and negatively, depending on the type of risk factors present. Certain factors can stand in the way of early education becoming a reality. Reports have shown that early education costs can be very expensive.

Studies even show that pressuring your kids academically at a young age can cause a setback, which is why it’s encouraged for children to learn spontaneously.

Being separated from your child can cause certain issues not usually mentioned. The child would have to spend hours away from their parent to be placed in an environment where it’s not guaranteed that they would receive the best care.

It’s important for children that young to be on the receiving end of attention and care which could increase their bonding abilities.

How Not Going To Preschool Affects You Later In Life, Because It’s More Than Just Taste-Testing Glue

ü  Without Preschool, peer relations can be stunted.

ü  Children abstaining from preschool are more likely to drop out without it.

ü  Students may lag behind In many areas.

ü  Studies have shown people who attend preschool are less likely to abuse drugs & alcohol.

ü  Some of these children may struggle in middle school

Countermeasures to augment not attending pre-school:

Despite the ongoing argument regarding the mandate of early education, there are alternative measures that can be taken.

1. Universal pre-k/head start.

2. Teaching your kid at home using educational toys.

3. Implementing some type of education requirement before entering school.


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