Preschool preparedness

Preschool preparedness

Overwhelming for the Parent! Overwhelming for the Kid! Indeed, overwhelming for the entire team of the Pre School!

Ideally this is the time anywhere between one to three weeks where the transition takes place. Transition for the little one to move from one abode to another. Their twinkling eye balls fluttering to recognize and be friends with new happy faces. While this is a joyous occasion for both Children and the Parent in the beginning, it fades out eventually in the later stage This is a general phenomenon which is very common. The sooner we understand, the simple and easy it becomes for both the parent and the child.

Pre School defines this first week as the “Settling Period”. Periodically defining the days, with the order of the number of hours, increasing from 1 hour of the first day to 2 hours on the second day, so on and so forth to ensure a good adjusted 2-3 hours by the end of first week. During this, parent accompanies the child to the Pre School so that the team gets a good understanding of the basic schedule. Aspects like behavior of the child, likes, dislikes, food habits, food allergies if any, from anything to everything that ensures a comfortable stay for him/her at the Pre School. This process is smoothly handled by the Preschool Teachers and the Curriculum team who are well trained and are experts doing this every day. Trusting them is the first thing you should do!

Let me share the master key with the parents here. While the Preschool is doing their basics right,  you as parents have the master key for your child to settle.


Children are connected with the feelings of the parent especially with one’s own mother very strongly. If the mother is anxious, the child is sure to be! If the mother is sad and forlorn with the thought of leaving the child behind at the Preschool, the child senses it too! The umbilical Cord to the heart is always connected so even while the pristine tears roll down (that’s their way of expression); you should wear a SMILE.

Prepare your child

Recommendation is to start preparing the child weeks in advance while you are exploring the best school for your child. Speak to the child a day in advance while you plan to commence the next day. Help them understand how their new friends, new toys, new teachers will become the reason for the new Joy, they are going to welcome in their world very soon.

Three Cs

So, as a parent you need to remember the 3Cs – Connect, Condition and Co-operate with the Child in this overwhelming ‘New Beginning’ that will last for a Lifelong! Remember – The journey of  thousand miles will get started only with a confident first step! Help your child take that – Happy Parenting!

Written by

Shikha Kuchhal

(Mother of two spirited daughters)


Former Centre Director Klay Pre Schools and Day care

More than 12 years of Corporate experience in Training, Operations and HR


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Deepali Joshi Adhikary
Deepali Joshi Adhikary

Very well written Shikha….the 3 Cs are indeed the masterkeys.


Superb , Precise , Accurate ! ??


Very well written!!


Very nice, very well written, bravo and continue writting such items.

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